Friday, November 21, 2008

These Dreams

Last night I had a dream about a guy I met in passing a couple of years back, and fancied just a bit. In the dream, We were out on a rather surreal date, made out on a couch, woke up the next morning still in the club, and he vaguely muttered something as he walked out to catch a cab. I ran into some friends, and explained that I'd call him in a couple days, although he probably wasn't that interested, but that was no prob.

That's a far cry from how I've behaved in real life, not with this guy, but with other guys. A random make-out scene followed by me worrying and wondering whether it will go any further after that. It usually doesn't, and then I end up listening to a lot of whiny music for weeks on end.

I like make-out dreams. Make-out dreams that reflect what I want to be emotionally are extra fun :-)

Have a fun weekend!

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