Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Soul Mates and Zodiac Attacks

So, here's one of many confessions- I am addicted to astrology.

I don't want to be, but I fell into the habit when I was ten years old, and have not yet been able to shake it.

On one hand it is interesting, insightful, sometimes romantic. On the other, I chafe against the notion that my destiny is molded or controlled by points of light in the sky. If a zodiac profile (as simple as a horoscope or as detailed as a natal chart) sentences a person to being nasty and miserable for the rest of their lives, what is the point of living that life? People have the right and freedom to "change their stars" in my mind.

But that's beside the point nestled in my grey matter today.

Looking over most horoscopes, they automatically assume you are looking for a romantic partner, a "soul mate" of sorts. Why? Is it because the people that tend to read horoscopes are persons who constantly seek justification and approval outside of themselves? Whether it's an s.o., or a random astrology writer they've never even met?

Why does a soul mate need to be a romantic partner? Can't it just be a person, or a group of people, that you feel really *click* with you? That you share a deeper emotional and spiritual understanding with? Could it be an antagonist? Soul mates as a pair of people that frequently clash and despise each other, yet cause each other to grow and develop during the fight?

Have you ever had a soul mate? Or more than one?

PS, The main horoscope that I still read, because I am an addict, is Free Will Astrology. The author is a delightful online trickster, and his weekly guides are not the usual nonsense of "boyfriends" and "Mercury in retrograde."


Sasha said...

Ali, Jesse and I tend to refer to each other as other thirds, like "my other half" but there are three of us. So, I guess that's sort of like soul mates? It certainly has nothing to do with romantic love.

Also, don't knock Mercury in Retrograde =p In earnestness, sometimes you refer to things other people believe in as silly. I would prefer you didn't?

Chrys said...

Sorry hon, I did not mean to offend you or Mercury.

Personally, I think the more I vocally disbelieve in Mercury Retrograde, the less it will effect me. My email account says otherwise...

Sasha said...

No worries, and I accept the logic. Just figured I'd put it out there rather than being silently, mildly miffed.

It's interesting how many variations there seems to be where "you are supposed to have a partner"