Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Singles Awareness Week, day three

Today was severely lame. But while the co-op situation continues towards disaster, everyone on my team is working hard to fix it. Yay for that.

I've been working on an outfit/costume for an event later in the month, so today I gave myself a small dose of retail therapy. I gained about 20 lbs. over the last six months, and was having severe body image issues because none of my clothes fit. But now I have a new sexxy green skirt/dress from American Apparel, and I [superficially] feel better about life.

My tips about retail therapy:
  • Go with a shopping list. "I need a green skirt." "I need 2 pairs of slacks for work."
  • Hunt specifically, don't graze vaguely. You'll buy stuff you don't need, and feel guilty later.
  • New items adapt better to the herd if introduced one or two at a time.
  • Take stock of what you have before you buy new stuff, to make sure you don't already have one, and that everything matches in some way.
  • Unclutterer fans also suggest getting rid of something old after you buy something new.

Now may not be the best time for me to buy more clothes (moving, investing, economy, ect.) but dammit, none of my skirts fit! I will probably do another closet purge before the move, but keep a few pieces to reverse-engineer into larger pieces later. Yay for my new sewing machine, if I ever get the chance to unpack it.

Another nice point about being single, I only have to feel comfy in my own skin. I'm under no pressure to look pleasing to anyone else, tho I like to look pleasing for myself at most times. And as long as I'm wearing clothes that fit, I feel quite sexy. When I see that person in the mirror looking back at me, I know I'm going home with someone super hawt that night ;-)

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Tranquility said...

Everyone needs a little retail therapy now and then.

Good luck with your co-op issue!