Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blame it on the train

I'm taking it a bit easy this week, as next week I'll be blogathoning, and this week I'm still trying to pin down a closing date for my co-op.

Yes, a Blogathon for Singles Awareness Week! NEXT week! Sign up! Be counted and listened to!

Noticed something about my own quirks this week. I find people to be most attractive on the weekday subway commute. They're just chilling, waiting to get home, reading, listening to music. Whatever grooming they did for work or class that day is usually still active. They are less drunk and obnoxious (usually) then they are at a bar or club (less applicable to weekend travel).

On the train, most people just want to sit and be left alone to their thoughts. I think that's when a NY'ers real face and quirks emerge, because they aren't on display or on the prowl.

Unfortunately, I'm shy in social settings to begin with, so picking up strangers on the train is beyond my abilities. And I'd find it creepy if someone asked *me* out in that setting. Why can't people be so unobtrusive and relaxed in the usual social places? They are much more attractive without the drinking and shouting.

Have you ever asked out a stranger on the train? Or just started talking to one?


Don't Be a Slut said...

I actually met my first real boyfriend, the guy I gave my virginity to, on the train from NYC to New Haven, CT.

Sasha said...

A family friend met her husband on the subway. He actually stole her shoe to keep her from getting off so she would keep talking to him, which might be creepy, but it worked.

I met a friend on the subway, but she went to my high school and I would have met her anyways (which is a bit odd)

Chrys said...

DBaS: Eeeek, I read that story :-/

Sash: Well, that's ... creepy. In a sweet way, but still.

So it's a 50/50 split on train cruising.