Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Down the Pub

Bars, pubs, lounges. American culture seems to indicate that these are the modern & secular watering holes where singles are supposed to gather and mingle.

This is something I've never really understood.

NYC bars are characteristically loud and obnoxious. Even when I did drink (I'm off the sauce now, that's a story for another post), I was usually frustrated when trying to talk to people in bars. The music is on too loud, so people must shout to be heard, which means *everyone* is shouting.

And it's one thing to be there with a friend or a posse, but are people really meant to hook up with strangers in bars? Strangers that you can't hear? I'm definitely nerdy for being hung up on the chat bit, but it all seems odd to me.

What is the attraction of hanging out in a loud bar on a weekend nite? Are bars different outside of NYC? What other places are there for a single person to go and meet other single people (for friendship or more)?

<3 Your Confused Spinster

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alicatstrut said...

I agree; it's a terrible way to meet a potential date. The only way I think it works is if you're hanging out with a bunch of friends and he's hanging out with a bunch of friends and your friends sorta merge sometimes and you talk a bit over time and then think about being interested. I think meeting someone in a bar where you can't hear is just a way to have a one night stand. Which, morally, I have no problem with, but which is pretty terrifying from a disease safety standpoint.