Friday, October 3, 2008

Guess what, ladies?

I've been looking over the traditions and habits of the Western world-view, and have come to a startling conclusion.

Women don't need to get married.

There are always exceptions based on personal needs, desires, philosophies, and spiritual beliefs. However, the rules and standards for women have changed drastically in the last century.

The basic necessities of life in the U.S. are food, shelter, medicine, and love. But we no longer need husbands and/or children to get them ourselves. Women can now own property, hold their own jobs, develop their own careers, and there is way more kinds of love in this world than romance and marriage.

If you want to step to the left wing, women don't need to get married to get into bed with someone. They don't even need to be married to have children. And while the jury is still out on marriage rights in many states, there are those who practice marrying whomever they choose, however many times they want.

With a step to the right wing, celibacy no longer needs to be confined to a nunnery, and can be as healthy a lifestyle choice as any other, despite what the media tells us about how sex sells. And I don't think it's a sin in any religion to save yourself for the right person, and then hope to settle down and have a family with them.

So what is this blog about?

It's about making personal choices that suit *our* needs and desires, not those that tradition or the media press onto us.

Obviously, I'm going to focus more on the side of being a single liberal female living in the U.S. (specifically NYC), because that's my point of reference. How does a person in my situation live on a single income? Go out carousing? Develop their education and career? Purchase property?

Lets find out together, shall we?

PS, I have a few mini essays that I'm working on at the moment, but feel free to ask more questions and make requests in the comments. If it's within my power (and i I have the stomach for it) I will write it ;-)