Monday, June 21, 2010


Yaaaaaay! Less than 100 days away! DragonCon!!!

Fandom! Science! Cosplay! Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen! Music! Singing tesla coils! Celebrities!

The greatest Geek Bacchanalia of North America!

The Snuggie Cult, with Griff McGerbil.

To Do Before:
  • Figure out who is staying in my room. Its coming together.
  • Room is booked at the Hilton, back in October. Yeah, it's like that.
  • Change my room reservation, can't stay the extra night in Atlanta as planned this year.
  • Costumes? I may be lazy this year.
  • Dusk's first DragonCon :-D She's a fuzzygoth, the Cruxshadows booth will be thrilled.
  • Budget. No dealers room this year. Maybe no art room or music either, those always get me.
  • Get my plane tickets!
  • Don't break my camera two days before the event.
  • Set up the txt list for "I'm here! Where are you?" messages.
  • Closely deconstruct and highlight the programming once they put it online.
  • Pack!

Mad Scientists League Bake Sale, with Griff again!

Why Spinsters have an awesome time:
  • Flirting with all the Earth Force and Narn cosplayers.
  • 24 hour parties, maybe this year I'll find the orgies too?
  • Can wear whatever I want, as little or as much.
  • Not keeping track of someone else's purse/badge/program.
  • Don't have to bring back anybody a present.
  • Not getting called long distance in the middle of panels.
  • No weird conversations about who's staying in the room.
  • Staying out as late as I want without having to check in.
  • Smaller ratio of persons stuck in the Cult of Pairs.

Everybody's got somethin' to hide, 'cept for me and my gerbil!

Pictures of DragonCon 2007

Pictures of DragonCon 2009

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