Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goth Clubs FTW

I'm not big on clubbing. It's too loud for talking, and I don't drink, so all I go for is the dancing. But I do prefer one type of club-nite over another...

Standard Clubs:

-Filled to 120% of capacity = no space to really dance, just jump up-n-down in place for a while.
-$20+ cover, sometimes $40+
-$10+ shots
-VIP = $100+ ticket
+More variety of musics and dancing, some with their own floors/rooms (house, hip hop, latin, etc.)
-People bring their drinks to the dance floor = I end up covered in drinks while trying to dance.
-Dancing on stage is often for professionals only.
-Nasty smelling males filled with $100 of vodka, leering at me from the edges of the room.
-Creepy out-of-towners trying to score.
-Creepy "bridge & tunnel" males trying to score.
-Bottle service.

Goth Clubs/Nites:
+Filled to 50-90% capacity = space to dance.
+$10 or less cover
+$3+ shots
+VIP = free entry, and/or drink vouchers. But you have to qualify for VIP in some other way than $$...
+Wave/industrial/techno musics.
-Not a wide range of music between rooms, if there is more than one floor or room.
+Goths don't usually drink on the dance floor, at least not in NYC.
+ Far less leering, or leering without vendetta. It's just part of the look.
+You can dance on any surface you can climb on (except on top of the DJ's gear).
+The goth scene is so insular now that most people don't go to club nites to score- everybody already knows each other.
-Occasionally frat boys show up to try and score with "easy goth chicks." Typically they fail.
+Is easy to pick up goth/wave/industrial dances without embarassment, because everyone is so absorbed in their own dancing. Also very poorly lit.

I don't factor dress codes into either club type because there are clubs in each category that don't have 'em. But overall the outfits at goth clubs are much more fun than at normal clubs. I have outfits that function in both settings, and even more that don't work in either. I am not really a goth. I just like the music, dancing, and outfits.

For more information on Goth nites around NYC, check out New Goth City. They are a great resource for finding things to do "When You're Evil" ;-)


SHHBabe said...

"+Is easy to pick up goth/wave/industrial dances without embarrassment, because everyone is so absorbed in their own dancing. Also very poorly lit." That explains sooo much about the attraction! I would but I'm not a house/techno fan. Easy to dance to, yes, fun to listen to, not so much. And even goth clubs are usually too loud for me.

T-REX said...

Bridge and tunnel men? new breed of alpha male?

Chrys said...

SHHBabe, ALL clubs and bars in NYC are loud. My hearing is naturally bad, this is why I have trouble making new friends :-/ It's a good thing we met at a larp...

T-REX, "Bridge and tunnel" is a NY'er term for people that come into the city for work and/or partying, but are not resident NY'ers. They go home to NJ (or wherever) wasted via train or car, or put the make on a resident so they can crash in Manhattan for the night ;-)

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Goths scare me. Their looks can almost kill me.

Is there a time when there are the percentage is lesser than what you mentioned? Maybe then I can go and enjoy the house music I love dancing to. LOL.


P.S. - Lets do the Single Awareness Day thing seriously. Mail me. My e-mail i.d. is up on my blog so that I can mail you and we can carry this forward. :)

T-REX said...

Chrys..ah thats a new peice of info to file away in the "totally useless but fun things" folder