Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Meet my couch:


What couch? Look closer. It's disguised as a bed. OK, it is technically a bed, but I use it as a couch. It seemed convenient for size and storage when I first moved into my co-op in April 2009.

I don't get a lot of time to lounge on it anymore. I'm more likely to eat dinner at my kitchen island or my computer table. When I unfold the drying rack for laundry it sits between Bedcouch and the TV, leaving no more space in the living "room" for things like exercise or people.

Living "Room"

Yesterday I read a horoscope that reminded me a lot of my Discardian lifestyle. Lately I've run out of things to toss. Already had a big purge of stuff over the summer. For the most part, my home is pretty neat except for the computer/work table, where the beads and junk mail live.

If I've run out of things to Discard, and my home is pretty consistently neat, why does it feel so cramped?

*Gasp* BEDCOUCH!!!

I chose Bedcouch this from the island of unused family furniture for my new apartment because:

  1. It was my childhood bed (plus a newer mattress).
  2. Offered crash/cuddle space for visitors.
  3. Storage underneath.
  4. Free!

Now we are reevaluating our relationship.
  1. Childhood was not so much fun akshally. And a decade ago.
  2. Not a lot of people come to visit me in Central Queens. Nobody comes to my house for cuddles.
  3. Stored inside is extra bedding for Bedcouch, and a ton of photos that I could scan. The drawer closest to the wall is blocked by my end table.
  4. It is taking up a lot of space that I pay to live in (mortgage, maintenance), and gets in the way of exercise and other fun stuff.

At first I was looking to replace it with a big puffy easy chair or recliner, but those are expensive. I am also pathologically afraid of getting bedbugs from new purchases of anything made of fabric. And stationary furniture may still get in the way of swordy fun time. But it is nice to have a seating area across from the TV, or diagonal from my computer screen, for the rare night I have off for watching DVDs. Usually all that sits on Bedcouch is laundry baskets & craft supplies.

Now I'm leaning towards an inflatable couch like this one. Comes with gadgets!! It can be folded up and put away when there are parties, swords*, or both. Or construction. Even better, I can take it to conventions and use it as a bed! No more having to fight for bed space at the con!

This weekend I'm planning to stay home and relax, a LOT. (Life = crazy, hence delays in blogness.) This will give me plenty of time to figure out the fate of Bedcouch. And all the extra pillows and bed linens that would go with it. Hail Discardia!

*The swords I practice with are not actually sharp, so not a threat to inflatable furniture.

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lawyerdoll said...

I'm a big fan of the bedcouch... I'm on one right now! It's much easier to decorate to go with your decor, and are invaluable for recovering from injuries/surgeries, when you want to be in the living room with the TV and such, but a couch is too confining.

Well, that's how it is for me, anyway....

Maybe some rearranging? Or exchange your TV "wall" for some something smaller or more see-through? I use those black metal racks from the home improvement store to display my books and knicknacks.

Just a thought... if you want to see what I mean, look a few posts back on my blog, and you will see what I mean.

Good luck!