Friday, May 28, 2010

Internet Bounty

How To Clean Stuff dot Net. Thank goodness, because I am a spaz.

5 Minute Chocolate Cake. Baked in a coffee mug, in a microwave. This is a dangerous thing for me to find, so I'm sharing the peril.

Six Months of Rules. From "Premise," For the last six months of my twenties, I am going to follow "the Rules" of dating (or my best interpretation of them) and write about it.

Just reading the first few pages... Madam, you have way more patience for this than I would. Good luck with your project :-)

Are You Eating Yourself Into Debt? From Man Vs. Debt.

I definitely was.

Welcome to the Institute for Beyonce-related Cultural Studies. . . A despicable charade where so much is demanded of women, so much compliance and poking and prodding, so much effort to make ourselves beautiful and radiant and perfect, so much forcing of square pegs into round holes, just so we could meet it all, do it all, get close to the apex of perfection and still be worth nothing.

The Beyonce song reminds me of some back-foot humor. "How is a girl like you still single?" How are you dumb enough to ask me that question?

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Anonymous said...

ugh, "the Rules"...I actually glanced at the volume of theirs that we had at work, "The Rules for Online Dating" and...just from the bits I read, and discussions with my husband(then-fiance), quite frankly if I'd followed their guidelines we never would have met, because a) there was a significant distance, geographically, and b) he's just plain on the shy side and wouldn't have thought to strike up a conversation online.

As a bit of irony...I hear that when their how-to guide for healthy marriages came out, one of the authors was in the middle of legally separating from her long-time spouse, and has since obtained a divorce.